Daily Races Betting Odds Comparison

Here we bring you the best betting odds for the top horse races each and every day. There is racing in the UK and Ireland virtually every day of the year, so there is no end to your options when it comes to having a bet on the horses.

Monday 24 June - Next Races

Time Racecourse
1:55 PMThirskAll OddsAll Odds
2:10 PMChepstowAll OddsAll Odds
2:25 PMThirskAll OddsAll Odds
2:45 PMChepstowAll OddsAll Odds
3:00 PMThirskAll OddsAll Odds
3:15 PMChepstowAll OddsAll Odds
3:30 PMThirskAll OddsAll Odds

Today’s Race Meetings

Today’s horse races come from the following racecourses so click on the meeting to get the latest betting odds and details of the races on the card.

How to Bet on Daily Horse Racing

There’s a chance to bet on horse racing on a daily basis. Every day, there are a handful of UK and Irish horse racing meetings, while you can often find events taking place further afield across Europe and other parts of the world. Therefore, there’s always plenty of choice when it comes to which races you would like to bet on.

The first step is to choose which race meeting interests you the most. You can click on that particular racecourse or meeting and then find a full racecard featuring all the races that are taking place. Simply click on the time of the race which interests you the most and then choose the horse that you want to bet.

You can usually either select the odds that are available or alternatively choose SP which means Starting Price. There is the chance to either bet win only or each-way depending on the number of runners, while some bookies also provide forecast and tricast betting as alternative ways to bet.

How to Bet Each Way on Daily Racing

Sometimes it makes more sense to place an each-way bet on a horse rather than win only. Much comes down to the odds that are available. If you’re wanting to back a horse at evens to win a race, then it might make more sense to simply bet win only. However, if you like a 20/1 horse to do well, we would recommend looking at the each-way terms instead.

When you bet each-way, you are essentially choosing to place half your stake on the horse to win and half your stake on the horse to place. A horse placing is finishing second, third or even fourth depending on the number of runners in the race. As a rule of thumb, you can get each-way terms for three places if there are eight or more runners and four places if there are sixteen or more runners.

Placing a Daily Horse Racing Accumulator with the Bookies

It’s great to place a horse racing acca when it comes to the latest meetings and every bookie that has racing odds available will allow you to place a daily accumulator on the action. You can either choose to go through a particular race card or meeting, while there’s the alternative of being able to pick and choose runners from different meetings and combine them together in an acca.

The advantage of placing a daily racing accumulator is that you can bet a small stake and potentially land a big return if all your selected horses win. The odds of each selection multiplies together and you can enjoy a big pay out, while there is sometimes the chance to cash out for a profit along the way.

Get the Best Daily Racing Prices by Comparing Odds

Whichever horses you choose to be bet on, using our odds comparison to get the best available odds is the only simple, guaranteed way to improve your overall profitability. Your ultimate long-term profit and loss is going to be decided by the gains you make on your winning bets, minus the losses on your bets that don’t come off.

Odds comparison alone cannot help you pick the horse that will come first past the post. However, it can make sure that you get the best available profits from all of your winning selections. Racing odds move quickly, especially close to the race starting, as bookmakers react to incoming bets. That means that the difference between the betting odds offered by one bookie can differ dramatically from those offered by another, especially if you tend to back horses at longer odds.

As an example, imagine you bet on a horse at 18/1 but your friend manages to get odds of 25/1. Then imagine the horse wins and both of you are elated, but effectively your friend has “bought” an extra seven losing bets. Should your racing luck turn, they can place seven more losing bets of the same stake before their profit is eroded.

Compare Odds On All Today’s Races

On this page you can quickly and easily access our racing odds comparison for all of today’s races taking place in the UK or Ireland, as well as some of the biggest races from the USA. There are more than 80 racecourses in the UK and Ireland and with Christmas Day the only day of the year where there is definitely no racing – although even that could change – there are hundreds and hundreds of meetings each year.

Most days feature between four and eight race meetings and with each of those usually having between five and eight races, there are literally thousands of individual races for you to bet on. However many there are, we’ll have odds comparison for every single one, meaning you can quickly and easily find the best racing odds to increase your chances of success.

Going To The Races

Now you’re armed with the best odds, why not make a trip out to one of the courses to see some live racing? A day out at the races is great fun and away from the big meetings offers great value, with tickets inexpensive. With many courses offering a range of concession tickets, a trip to your local racecourse can be a great family day out too. Moreover, many courses have family fun days and other themed events, meaning that even if you don’t love the horses, there is still plenty of fun to be had.

Watch Today’s Racing At Home

Our Daily Races page shows you where the racing is taking place today, but if you can’t make it to the course in person it’s worth knowing that many bookies we feature on this site give you the chance to watch horse racing live if you’ve placed a bet on the race.

This means you have the opportunity to not only bet on the horses, but watch how they get on as well. It also helps you assess a horse’s form for next time they are running as well as helping you improve your understanding of horse racing, and thus give yourself a better a chance betting the right way.

Today's Races Betting FAQ

We recommend that you have several bookmaker accounts so that you can always get the biggest odds when it comes to your racing bets. You can use the odds comparison grids at Racing-Odds.com to find the race which interests you the most and then select the horse that you want to back. You can immediately see which bookie has the biggest price and we recommend you go ahead and choose those odds.
Yes, several bookies offer customers the chance to watch the latest action through their Bet and Watch service. This involves placing a bet on a UK or Irish horse race and then getting the chance to watch a live stream of the race. You can enjoy accompanying audio commentary of the action and it’s a great way to enjoy cheering on your runners in each race.
On average, you might find there are four UK or Irish horse racing meetings taking place on any given day. Each race meeting might have around six or seven races, so you’re looking at more than twenty-five races which are covered and that offers lots of choice when it comes to betting. You can look through the races which interest you the most.
There are lots of horse racing betting odds at a bookmaker website and they will want to show you the latest odds for the upcoming daily races. Therefore, it should be a simple case of accessing the Horse Racing section of a bookmaker website and you can choose a particular day of the week depending on whether it’s today or tomorrow’s racing odds.
It’s pretty common to find a bookie offering betting odds for the next three races and showcasing these prices. That is because customers want to place wagers on the action that is just about to happen, so it makes sense to place your bets on a race that is shortly going to take place. You have to make sure that you place your bets before the off as the market can otherwise be suspended.
Winning a horse racing bet is a fantastic feeling although you should always remember to bet sensibly and only risk what you can afford to lose. Every horse race has a winner and it’s a case of picking out the horses that you think have the best chance of winning. If you’re betting on every race throughout a seven-race meeting, then you only need to sometimes find one winner in order to land a profit.
There are lots of form guides available for daily horse race meetings and this means the chance to study information relating to that particular race. This includes the age of the horse, the weight being carried, the jockey and the trainer. However, the most important data is often the form guide to indicate how many races each horse has won that particular season.