How to Place Horse Racing Accumulators & Multiple Bets

How to Place a Horse Racing Accumulator Bet?

Punters all over the world love betting on horse racing and the good news is that there are meetings taking place on a daily basis, with UK and Irish racecourses hosting National Hunt and Flat racing, while betting customers can also enjoy wagering on racing in France, Australia, South Africa, Japan and Germany.

There are usually a large number of races on each racecard and it naturally follows that you might want to place a multiple bet through the race card in addition to betting singles on the individual races. There are lots of types of multiple horse racing bets that can be enjoyed including accumulators and we have provided this handy guide to give you all the lowdown.

Can I place Your Horse Racing Acca?

You obviously need to have a registered online betting account in order to place any kind of horse racing bet or accumulator with the bookies. Here at, we showcase the leading bookmakers and recommend that you have a number of different accounts so that you can compare the horse racing prices and make sure you get the biggest odds every time.

When it comes to a horse racing accumulator, you need to visit the horse racing section of a bookmaker website and choose the races which interest you the most. You pick out a horse for each race and click on the available odds, with this selection then automatically being added to your bet slip.

As you add each selection to your horse racing bet slip, you can then check the bet slip to see how many selections have been included and the different multiple betting options which exist. This includes the accumulator option and you can nominate the stake for this before going ahead and placing your bet.

How Many Legs Should I Put in My Racing Acca?

If you place a single bet on a horse to win the 3.20 at Cheltenham racecourse, then you just need that horse to win in order to enjoy a return. If you bet a double on the 3.20 and the 3.50, then you need both horses to win. Therefore, the more selections you add to your horse racing accumulator, the more risk attached to the betting acca as you need all of the runners to win.

However, you might pick four horses out and have an accumulator price of 50/1 which means that you don’t need to place a particularly big stake in order to achieve a big return. One of the reasons why punters love a racing acca is because it’s a speculative bet with little downside and you can start getting excited if the first runner or two wins for you.

Ultimately, there is no limit with regard to the number of legs you can put in your horse racing accumulator, although most customers limit it to no more than six or seven which is usually the number of races that take place on a particular race card.

How Do I Place an Each-Way Horse Racing Accumulator?

As we’ve established, it’s really difficult to land a return on a win-only accumulator horse racing bet, even if all your selections are short-priced favourites. However, every bookmaker will also give you the betting option to place an each-way accumulator and that certainly gives you more margin for error when it comes to landing a winning return from your racing acca.

Let’s say you go ahead and choose four selections running at Newmarket and they’re all 8/1. You can then either choose to place a win-only accumulator (one bet) or an each-way accumulator which is effectively betting on two different selections. Half of your stake is going on the win acca for those four horses and the other half of your stake is an accumulator for them all to place.

You should note that the “place” accumulator doesn’t have those horses at betting odds of 8/1 and it might be that the each-way place terms are ¼ odds which means that you effectively get each horse at 2/1 to place in their particular race, although it would still land a healthy return if that part of your bet came in.

When Can I Cash Out My Horse Racing Acca?

Cash Out is a wonderful invention for online gamblers and the vast majority of bookies offer customers the chance to enjoy the chance to cash out their horse racing accumulator bets. Let’s say you place a £10 horse racing accumulator on the following selections at the Cheltenham Festival:

  • 1.30 Dragon’s Den
  • 2.10 Chester Paris Carrick
  • 2.50 Rooster Booster
  • 3.20 Call Me Mabel

You might stand to enjoy a return of £500 if all the above selections win, although some punters would be keen to see the Cash Out value along the way with their acca.

Let’s say Dragon’s Den won the first race at odds of 10/1. You might be offered a Cash Out value of £75 based on the fact that you’re one step closer to landing a maximum return. Let’s say Chester Paris Carrick then wins the second race at 6/1 and you might be offered an even bigger Cash Out value of £180.

Ultimately, customers can Cash Out their horse racing accumulator bets after each race providing that the bet is still alive. The Cash Out value can go up or down after you have placed the bet to reflect how close you are to winning the overall return, with the amount rising every time you back a winner and it’s your choice as to whether you cash out your bet or not.

What Other Types of Horse Racing Multiple Bet Can I Place?

Never forget that you can place a single bet on a horse race and sometimes it pays to simply place your stake on one horse to win, especially if the odds are reasonably big. However, there are a number of other options for those customers who want to combine together different selections and enjoy the biggest possible return.

This is where you pick out two horses running in different races and combine them together in a double. Their odds are multiplied together so that if you put together a double that includes a 5/1 shot and a 10/1 shot, then you would effectively get odds of 65/1 (a £1 stake would win a return of £6 at 5/1 and then the £6 placed at 10/1 would land a return of £66).

This is like a double but it’s a racing bet that has three selections instead of two. Once again, the odds are multiplied together and you need all three of the runners to place their bet unless you wager an each-way treble where you can win if all the horses place in their respective horse races. Sometimes this is referred to as a type of accumulator.

If you’re betting on three horses, then you have the choice to place a Trixie which is four different bets consisting of three doubles and one treble. You would need at least two of your three horses to win order to land a return and a profitable return comes down to the odds of each selection.

This is effectively a Trixie bet but it includes single bets on the three horses too. Therefore, you can sometimes land a profit with just one of the horses winning, although the biggest return would be all three winning so you can enjoy a maximum return.

If you’re betting on four racing selections, there’s the option to place a Yankee bet and this involves having double, trebles and an accumulator covering all your selections. In total, this comes to eleven different bets and you nominate a stake that is going to cover each of the eleven wagers. A £1 Yankee would be a total of £11 staked.

Lucky 15
This is a Yankee bet but with the four selections backed as singles which adds up to fifteen bets in total. The Lucky 15 sometimes includes a bonus so that you can get extra winnings if just one of your selection wins. This is a popular bet for people focusing on one race meeting and the singles give them some insurance if just one runner ends up winning.

Super Yankee
This is horse racing betting where there are five different selections. It means there are 26 different bets in total, including doubles, trebles, four-folds and an accumulator. You can enjoy a big return if all five horses win although you need at least two to be winners in order to enjoy the biggest return on your stake.

How to Get Best Odds Guaranteed on Racing Accas

When you are betting a horse racing accumulator, there’s the option to take an early price about a horse and still enjoy Best Odds Guaranteed. It’s a promotion that the majority of leading bookies have available and it means that you can enjoy the biggest possible return when it comes to your racing accas.

Best Odds Guaranteed effectively means that you can take an early price about a particular runner and get the Starting Price if it turns out to be bigger. The majority of bookies will automatically apply this promotion so you don’t even need to take a particular price as this will be done automatically for your betting pleasure.