Watch Live Horse Racing

We all love watching horse racing and have now pioneered a new way of allowing customers to bet and watch races in real time. We provide cutting-edge 3D simulations of horse races all over the world for the enjoyment of consumers.

You no longer have to pay expensive subscriptions in order to watch every live race in the UK and Ireland. Instead, you can access our service and watch an exact digital recreation of a particular race that is taking place at a particular course.

How Does Reality Horse Racing Work?

Ultimately, you are still betting on a real-life horse race and that means that you can access the latest form along with information about each horse’s age, weight and the corresponding trainer and jockey.

You can bet on the odds for each horse which reflects their chance of winning each race, with the prices changing according to the weight of money for each selection lining up in that particular race.

However, instead of watching actual horses, the Reality Horse Racing product brings you the race in an animated format. This is effectively horse racing being brought to life in the digital space and you’re able to watch an exact recreation of the action on your screen. have teamed up with a company called RealityRaces to provide this first-class horse racing experience, with customers able to load up the player and enjoy the very best in when it comes to a realistic digital animation of horse racing. The races take place on a regular basis, so you never have to wait long before you can place your bets on the latest action.

How Do I Bet on Reality Racing?

Placing bets on digitally created horse racing works much in the same way that you would bet on real-life horse racing. Customers can access the silks page with information regarding each horse and their corresponding odds. You’ll often have a horse trading as the short-price favourite, while other runners’ prices will vary until you get to the outsiders.

You generally have a choice whether to take a “win only” bet or alternatively bet “each-way”. Win only means that you need your selection to finish first in the race, while each-way means that you split your stake between win and place. Therefore, your horse finishing in the places would create a return on your bet.

For those looking to bet quickly on digital horse racing, you can click through the live virtual racing player and this will lead you to the one click bet option. This means that you can essentially get a bet away in a few seconds, depending on whether you have a registered betting account with the bookmaker in question.

Why Should I Choose Reality Racing?

Thanks to our fantastic live horse racing player, you now have an exciting new way of enjoying the action, while you can also place your bets quickly and easily. The animation and graphics are so good that many customers actually prefer watching the 3D simulation of a horse race rather than watching the real thing.

By choosing reality horse racing, you are always guaranteed a first-class service. You can often get a better understanding of how your horse is performing in a particular race and there is never a problem with the camera angles no matter where the race is taking place on a particular racecourse.

Every time there is a race in the UK and Ireland, you know that this will be available through our reality racing product. It could be a Flat or National Hunt race meeting and the same still applies. Customers load up the player and watch an exact recreation of the race in real time. When a horse passes the post in real life, it will be doing the same on the player.

The digital graphics are fantastic and it’s really similar to watching a live horse race. You can easily pick out the horses that you have backed for a particular race and there’s accompanying audio commentary to indicate what is happening. Each race is over a particular distance, so you might be betting on a race over five furlongs or alternatively go for one over two miles.

Each jockey colours are distinctive which means it’s easier to pick out your runner from the bunch, with the horses often changing places so it always feels as though you’re in with a chance until the final throes of the race.

Can I Watch Reality Horse Racing on Mobile?

Yes, reality horse racing is available through mobile and the racing player has been fully optimised so that you can enjoy high definition quality when you access each race. Providing that you have a solid connection, you should be able to enjoy a dynamic viewing experience and watch the race from start to finish on your mobile device.

The horse racing player is also available on several other platforms, including desktop where customers are able to enjoy the most dynamic experience due to a larger picture size. The same brilliant experience is available to customers who access the racing player through their laptop or through a tablet, with many racing fans wanting to enjoy racing on the move.

You don’t have to be a horse racing expert to enjoy betting on reality racing. While there is form that applies to each horse, the bottom line is that the odds are the biggest indicator of a particular horse’s chance in a virtual race and punters should bet accordingly.

As mentioned, while the favourite sometimes wins a reality horse race, this isn’t always the case. Sometimes you will get a horse priced at big odds winning and sometimes the big outsider in a race will beat the rest of the runners in the field.

Reality horse racing is a fantastic option for those that enjoy the thrill of racing and the chance to place bets on a regular basis. Customers should always gamble responsibly and make sure that when the fun stops, they stop betting. There is a chance to set daily, weekly or monthly deposit limits when you open a betting account and you should only gamble what you can afford to lose.